Hello 38


January literally flew right by me! I am already 2 days into my 38th year of life and already feel as if this New Year is slipping through my fingers like sand. Winter will be over before we know it, and all the resolutions and goals we set might soon be distant memories.


I am striving to hold onto at least one of my goals- to select a word as a focal point for me and for my current season. Friend, have you ever chosen a word to focus on for a new year?

I have silently chosen words before but not really shared them with anyone outside of my family and close friends. I’ve even walked through experiences where a certain topic or theme kept popping up- only then did I take it to heart and adopt it as my very own. This year is different.

My word for 2018 is (drum roll please)…flourish.

Now, that word comes with a string of other little words. Because when I think of flourish, I think of










Tender shoots






Now, I’m not a horticulturalist or a botanist, nor do I play one on tv, but when I think of “flourish” I think of things that grow and develop under the right conditions; I imagine a tiny seed planted deep in the earth that soaks up nutrients from the good soil around it and begins to have roots that sprawl down and anchor the tender shoot that will soon break though the ground, growing out and stretching up towards the sun. To me, “flourish” sounds a bit more like the words, “work” and “change”.

I wholeheartedly believe that God has relocated our family and planted me in a town that has such rich agricultural roots just for the simple fact that I must learn the beauty of growth, from planting to producing.

I may not know what this new year of life holds for any of us, but one thing I do know is that in order to flourish as a human, in every arena of my life, I have to consistently be soaking up the right nutrients from the resources I’ve been given. I have to be full of patience during the waiting time and must develop deep roots in order to not be tossed around by the wind. Flourishing means I have to stretch myself daily to connect to my source of light and strength-Jesus.

Friend, what is your word for this New Year?

I want to hear all about what your word is for 2018, and what string of words comes along with it. Feel free to comment below with your word, or even a song that resonates with you, and let’s see how we can encourage one another as we move forward and grow in this new year of life together.

I can’t wait to hear about what’s been on your heart and mind friend:).

As we begin to share, let’s pray:

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for the lessons that we learned and the paths we walked through in 2017- even the ones that seemed so difficult at first sight. You have been so good to us, and so faithful and we have seen how You’ve been with us just as You promised in Your Word. Lord, as 2018 has already begun, we want to look ahead to all that You have uniquely designed us to do. We dedicate this year to you and these words that have been on our heart and in the forefront of our minds as we start this New Year. Thank You Lord for the firm foundation Your Word gives us as we walk on in pursuit of You. God, our hope and desire is to be closer to You and to draw others to You, that they may know Your love. Let us remember that every action we carry out in this new year affects much more than we realize. Let us live with an internal reminder that we are here for an eternal purpose. May we remember we are here on earth to pour out Your love though the vehicle of our lives. In 2018, we will hope in You Lord and look to You as our guide. We will expectantly wait for You and Your instructions for our lives as we daily choose to trust You and walk with You, Amen.


Go the extra mile:

Check out this amazing song that is currently my favorite on my playlist. Porter’s Gate Worship Project is inspiring & I hope you find it as encouraging as I do!












8 thoughts on “Hello 38

  1. Mary Espinoza says:

    I love your word….Flourish! So perfect! I can have seen God pull such richness out of you and I am anticipating greater things!
    My word for the year is Margin. I believe peace is found in the margins of life. And I need more peace in my life.


    • Thank you friend for your constant encouragement and for participating today! Margin is a powerful word and I pray God gives you that peace in every area of life! I’m so encouraged by your heart! That song is amazing, right?!


  2. Kimberly Lindsey says:

    My word, obiedience…doing the thing I know to do and not doing the thing I know I am NOT to do. Finding joy in being where I am to be and not to be. Walking directly in HIS foot prints.

    I love all you write….💗


    • Your word for this year was my word for last year! It’s a weighty word that often comes with action and calls for our own contentment no matter the circumstance. Such a great addition it is to our running list of words🙌🏻. Thank you for sharing with us Kimberly 💕


    • Stephanie! That’s an awesome word to begin the new year with! Just like you said, we are blessed every day and remembering to be positive helps us to hang onto His Word and promises for our lives! Thanks for checking out the blog and for participating in this activity today!


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