Your Wonderful Life

Jan2018blogpicEvery holiday season I have to watch my favorite Christmas movie, “It’s A Wonderful Life.” I just have to, or else it doesn’t quite feel like the holidays. This movie is a sure fire way to remind me that every life has meaning and purpose and every life can impact many others. Today, I feel a lot like the main character Mr. George Bailey at the end of the movie. Caught in a cold snow shower, and begging God to live again, he runs home and suddenly finds himself surrounded by friends and family that have come out to show support for him in his time of need. Men and women who flood into his home in a steady down pour, much like the snow storm he just came in from.

They just kept showing up after hearing of his need.

They were an answered prayer indeed.

This Holiday season marked a new season for our family and I find myself in both awe and unbelief just like good ol’ George Bailey. In awe for the simple fact that God would choose to have us as part of what He is doing here in our new city, and unbelief because of the tremendous amount of blessing we’ve seen around us.

Friends and family have kept us in prayer through this whole transition, they’ve come to help us pack up and move, and have even shown up to help us unpack and settle in.

Our people just keep showing up.

They are an answered prayer in our time of need.

I for one have just been overwhelmed by the loving kindness of those who have known us for years and those who have known us for brief moments.We are deeply humbled by the love that has been demonstrated to us by our crew…it’s been unbelievable.

We are all just average Joe’s; we are every-bodies and nobodies all at the same…

We are George Bailey at the beginning of the movie, who was quick to snap in crisis because he knew not what to do, and we are George Bailey that sits in the chair hugging and squeezing his child because he was afraid for his future and felt helpless. We are George when he decides he doesn’t think his life mattered, and we are George when he realizes that every minute of it did.

We are George Bailey when he was out on that bridge in Bedford Falls asking God to let him live again, and again, after being reminded and realizing that every life and every life-experience mattered.

We are that man.

You and me.

We are just doing what we do every day by God’s grace and with His strength. And God shows up.

Every. Single. Time.

We never realize how every minute mattered until the real people that God has allowed to become our ever-growing community show it to us, in real time.

Today, after feeling like God has shown us our life’s work in an instant, I’m reminded of the scripture in Job:

“My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you.” (Job 42:5NIV)

We’ve seen God through the outpouring of love and care of each friend and family member who helped us through these past few months. We’ve seen God show up in our lives in such unbelievably powerful ways during this transition, and we can honestly say we’ve been blown away by His mercy and provision. We feel so unworthy of these tremendous blessings, but know wholeheartedly that God is asking us to use each blessing to direct honor and glory back to Him. And while we are doing so, God is providing us, yet again, with new life experiences, new moments of His inspiration and more faces to walk through our very vivid-red doorway for coffee:).

So this New Year, in light of God’s provision for our salvation, and because of the life, hope, and joy we have through His Son Jesus, we just wanted to say thank you for showing up in our lives and thank you for your support this year. We pray God blesses each and every one of you today and in the New Year.

May He continue to show up in your wonderful life in ways that surprise you and blow you away.

May His peace and provision flood your home in unimaginable ways.

May you feel the rich blessing of deeply connected community surrounding you as you walk boldly into 2018.

You matter friend.

Your life is truly wonderful and has great impact on those around you.

Let’s pray this simple prayer today:

“Dear God, help us to truly live again in this new year. Show us how to love and serve those around us. Open our eyes to see You and open our hearts to make room for all the new people and places and plans you have set before us. Thank you for helping us live another year, and help us to be good stewards of all that you entrust to us in this new season.” Amen


Go the extra mile: Listen to this beautiful song by my favorite worship artist, Audrey Assad. What a reminder of the goodness of God!


4 thoughts on “Your Wonderful Life

  1. Mary Espinoza says:

    I can’t even begin to explain how your blogs minister to me at just the right time!! Thank you for your diligence, your words are a powerful ministry!


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