Lasts & Firsts

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We are flying through the month of December! It seems like just yesterday our family was writing our New Year’s resolutions and now we are days away from being right at the start of a brand new year. Its exhilarating! It’s unbelievable! It’s A Wonderful Life! (side note: best Christmas movie ever!)

Christmas time usually come with a long list of “lasts”.

Last time to decorate for the last holiday of this year.

Last dance recitals and band concerts of the season.

Last meals with friends and family of 2017.

Last time to see friends before Christmas break.

Last time to visit favorite shops and fun spots around town.

This year, these “lasts” have extra meaning to my family in particular.

December marks one journey ending and a new one beginning. In just a few days, our little family will be moving. Boxes are almost done being packed full of our stuff, and the house we now call home will become a home for others. A big truck will arrive and be filled by some amazing friends and then it will be driven many miles to deliver all that it holds. And once the moving truck is parked in the new location, we will begin a new list. A list of “firsts”.

First time unloading all of our earthly belongings into new home in a new city.

First unpacking party in another city.

First time we get to have neighbors that have children around our children’s ages.

First time to set up Christmas decor (very quickly since Christmas will be days away by that point) in a new home.

First run to a new coffee house to refuel after being surrounded by boxes and bubble wrap.

First time living in the same city with family.

First New Year’s Day in our new city.

First days at school for my 3 courageous kids. Seriously you guys, I’m so inspired by the way they’ve embraced this new adventure and new location. Just had to include that note:)

Firsts…you can’t have them without having some lasts.

Deeply rooted community…you can’t have it unless you are willing to share life, share hugs and share tears. You also can’t start all over again unless you are willing to embrace every step of the journey; creating new connections and beginning new friendships while still maintaining and nurturing the ones you’ve shared life with thus far.

In the words of my dear friend, who regularly checks in on me to make sure I’m still hanging in there, “It will all be ok. “Lasts” just mean “firsts” in new places!”

Timely words from a treasured friend.

Oh dear friends, what a blessing it is to live and move and have our being all while we create memories with others! I’m not sure what “lasts” are on your list right now, but remember, our precious “lasts” come beautifully packaged with incredible “firsts”. Don’t lose hope today and remember to walk through your “lasts” & “firsts” with your friends and family. There is truly no better way:)

Let’s end in prayer today friends:

God, we just want to take time today to thank You Lord. Thank You for every bit of our journey. We thank you for the places You’ve called us to go, but more importantly we thank You for the people that have made each place feel like home. We choose today to be full of gratitude towards You; for the good times and the hard times and every lesson learned in-between. Lord,we are so very grateful for every moment of growth that You placed along our path and we thank You in advance for the times of growth ahead. And Lord, as we finish out 2017, help us to enjoy every last minute as we fix our eyes on You. We are reminded that You promised us that You’d be with us until the very end of the age (Matthew 28:20 NIV). Thank You for being with us through every “last” and every “first”. Lord, we thank You for being our Refuge and Home, whether we find ourselves packing boxes or wrapping presents, You have promised to be Immanuel- God with Us. You Lord are good, and You are the reason we have joy in the midst of the holiday season, as well as the reason we can find hope and the reassurance of Your love in the “in-between” stages of this life. Thank You Lord, Amen.


Go the extra mile: Check out this song and let it encourage you today!

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