Denver, CO

Bio: I'm the wife of the brilliant Mr.Trujillo, mom to 3 amazingly real and precious kiddos, and I get to live this life I've been blessed with. There is always coffee in my house, and cookies for guests, and if you stay long enough, music and home cooked meals. I love conversation, ideas and creativity. If there is a musical involved in that process, then all the better (I love to sing). Being "Tru" is all about living life and learning from all of its moments, whether good or bad, extremely difficult or ridiculous amazing. I can find no better way to spend life than with others. Community is what we were created for and I love sharing life and doing life with others who seek to be "Tru". Most days, that involves strong coffee. Everyday, it involves God and I am forever grateful that it does. Life is worth living in my eyes, and there is no better way to live it than to be "Tru".

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