Just Messengers

FullSizeRender-3Yes, I am still the person who keeps all of my contacts in an old address book.

I’m analog like that:)

I love being able to turn crisp pages and find exactly who I am looking for.

So with this past Christmas season that just flew by us, I was so excited to bust out my trusty old address book so I could begin to send out some holiday cheer via some traditional paper Christmas cards.

It’s hard enough to keep up-to-date with everyone’s current address, but try selecting the perfect card to send to everyone…now that is a challenge!

You want it to say something cheerful,

Something meaningful.

It needs to convey perpetual hope,

And have the right amount of sparkle, but not so much that it looks gaudy.

It has to stand out among all the other holiday cards that your friends will receive, and…

It needs to reflect your personality and style.
That’s not too much to ask for, right?

The perfect card with the perfect message hand written inside; sent with love to those who are far away.

What we are really trying to send is a bit of ourselves inside those envelopes.

These little “paper messengers” that have all of the potential to bring joy and peace to whomever opens the envelope.

During the holidays, I thought about this a lot…

We are just like those paper messengers:

Full of potential

Capable of bringing joy and peace

Full of meaning

And able to bring hope everywhere that we are sent.

Be it in a car,

At an office,

Walking down a street,

Cooking in a kitchen,

When we hold hands with a child,

Or hug a long lost friend or stranger,

While guarding a prison cell,

While testifying on a stand,

When we volunteer in our community,

Or help the neighbor down the street,

We get to be a messenger of the Good News…

We get to be a conduit of Hope and Healing

We get to be a reflection of the One True God.

We GET to.

Do We?

Here’s the real question:

What kind of a messenger have we been lately?

Yup, I went there. Remember, I’m speaking to myself too:)


What kind of a message have we been putting on display?

A message of despair?








I’ll be the first to say (you can say it with me too), I don’t like receiving those kinds of messages, and I definitely don’t want to be the one who is sending them. I really don’t like when they get sent out from my mouth before I have the chance to edit them either-just sayin’.

You and I have this beautiful opportunity to be a messenger of hope all year long.

Our words have the power to build UP; not just tear





Because of the great sacrifice of Jesus, God’s ultimate expression of His love toward mankind, we have been empowered to spread His message of love and forgiveness.

Friends, lets make today different than yesterday…

We can choose to get rid of the rough-drafts of ourselves because we have already been made NEW in HIM! (2 Corinthians 5:17)

Our lives are meant to be messages that point people directly back to the very One who loves them unconditionally.

We GET to be messengers. Not the paper ones that only come around during the holidays, but the real & human kind that etch themselves and their messages on the hearts of those they reach everyday. (2 Corinthians 3:3)

You are a messenger my friend, and don’t you ever forget that your message matters.

Go the extra mile:

-Take a listen to the song “Messengers” by Lacrae Featuring For King & Country

Soak in the message of this post and the powerful meaning of the song as well.


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