Time Well Spent

Death, and even loss, can bring every sort of emotion to the surface.

Loneliness                                                                                                       Joy
With a host of other emotions that take turns making appearances.

The loss of someone or something has a way of uncovering messages we haven’t shared with those around us:
“How can I go on without you?”
“I’ll be seeing you soon.”
“You have been the best thing ever to happen to me.”
“Just sit next to me.”
“Come play with me!”
“One more hug.”
“Why do you have to go?”
“Please stay with me.”
“Let go, we’ll be ok.”
“Please don’t go.”                                                                                                  “Thank you for inviting me over; I love being here.”
“I need 5 more minutes with you.”

A deep longing from the cracks and fissures of our being comes crying out for a little more time.
Not one more text,
Not one last email,
Not one final emoticon…
But more physically present time.

I’ve known quite a few people in my life who have passed from earth into eternity and not one of them was shouting in their final moments:
“How I wish I would have spent more time scrolling through Facebook!”
“I should have spent more of my time texting people who were in the same house as I was!”
Nope. I’ve never heard those statements made and, I guarantee I never will.

I have heard quite the opposite:
“We should have gone camping more as a family”
“I’m sorry I missed your graduation day”
“I wish I could just hug you for a little longer.”
“I’ll miss having coffee with you on the front porch.”                                            “There is still so much I wanted to share with you.”

Rarely do we let the deep cries of our heart out into the open.
Why is that?
There are many possible reasons but one might be that we are afraid that we’ll receive no response back to us; no remedy to fix the need or heal the hurt.

Friend, you don’t have to experience a physical death or loss of something or someone in order to let those emotions be heard.

We need time with one another.

We crave the presence of people around us.
We are meant to share life with one another.
The messy and the beautiful- together.
The deep cry just to be heard or to just have someone next to us through thick and thin is built into our design as humans.
I need you and you need me.

Time together is going to look different from one person to the next.
It doesn’t have to be planned, it doesn’t have to be extravagant. It just needs to happen.
Someone needs your smile today.
There is someone in your circle of friends who could use your arms to embrace them.                                                                                                    Hold hands…a lot.
Your family needs to hear that you love them and miss them.                                             The sound of your voice triggers joy in the heart of the ones who love you; make the call.

We are all given 168 hours per week.
No more, no less.
How will you spend your life today?
Will you pay out regrets and remorse?
Or will you spend it all on love?

We get to choose friends. May we choose to spend our time well.

Go the extra mile…

Take a listen to the following songs to soak in the message:                         -Without You by For King & Country                                                               -Where I Belong by Switchfoot                                                                       -Live Forever by Drew Holcomb

One thought on “Time Well Spent

  1. Nina says:

    BEAUTIFUL, I love you my Sister and how you can put the right words to paper to express the emotions that a racing through one’s mind. Love you Chica FOREVER 🙂


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