Press Pause

I love coffee. 

Coffee loves me. So does cream, sugar, and bourbon-caramel-cream sauce (yes that is a real sauce and yes, you have to try it).

My most favorite way to catch up with my friends and family is over a cup of some great coffee. I’m extremely thankful for the moments that I am able to press pause for a few minutes and drink in friendship, memories, encouragement and truth.

Yesterday I was able to press pause at an AMAZING coffee house in my friends’ hometown in TN.

 High Brow Brew…y’all are for real, and thanks for letting me take pics behind the counter with you:). Please let me live in the store:).

Anyhow, the visit was our our bucket list while we are the area. Not just because they literally rock the fine art of crafting specialty beverages, but also because we craved time to sit across the table from one another. We forgot the distance in our lives (we live super far from each other), and we forgot to check our phones for the time every few minutes. All that mattered were those glorious beverages and the perfectly carved out time to just be in each others company.

Friend, when was the last time you pressed pause?

When was the last time you set aside time to look into the eyes of those you love & admire?

When was the last time you were able to just sit and take in a deep breath…and smile?

Our lives seem to move at the speed of light and our schedules are crammed full of busyness. And during the busyness, children grow up (way too fast), jobs change, milestones happen, and time seems to speed up.

I encourage you to slow down, even for just today. Press pause friend- your mind, body, and spirit will thank you for it. Those whom you choose to surround yourself with will thank you for it as well.

And should you choose to hit the pause button and head to a coffee shop, I promise coffee will LOVE you. 

And so will cream & sugar.

And even bourbon-caramel-cream sauce:)


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