O is for Obedience


This past December was not the only time I’ve moved with children in tow. I have moved with little ones before:). In May of 2006, my then family of 4 loaded up a massive U-Haul in South Carolina and drove all the way back to our home state of Colorado. My two daughters were 4 years old and almost 6 months, so the adventure we discussed with them involved making sure we let them know where we were going and reassuring them that we had enough snacks to get there.

My oldest daughter knew we were moving closer to our families, and asked regularly about people we had left behind. One weekend after having been in our new location for just over a week, she began to wail and cry as we drove onto the highway. We were headed to a wedding over the weekend, but she thought we were moving again because she saw bags full of belongings in the trunk. Then it hit us…she was feeling the weight of the move we just made. Her little heart couldn’t bear to say goodbye again and she couldn’t hold in all of the emotions, hence, the wailing and crying.

Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and months turned into years before we would ever have to cross the bridge of discussing a move with our now family of 5.

From experience, when it’s just two individuals, it’s easy to make a move across the country or across the sea. Throw in some babies or a toddler and it is still relatively smooth. But the older the children are, the more questions they will have. If they are teenagers or approaching those years, it also comes with many tears, long hugs, words of reassurance and lots of prayers from both parents and kiddos.

Why so many prayers?
For us as parents making the final decisions, we felt the weight of what would happen once we said, “yes” again. We knew the ache we would feel leaving loved ones behind, and also the joy of building new friendships in a new place. We knew that beginning a new adventure in a new location meant leading by demonstration – how to walk in obedience.

You see, obedience is a lesson we are learning alongside our children. Obedience is also a lesson we can choose to live out in front of them, whether they are 3 years old or 30. In the seemingly little assignments we feel we ought to do, and in the weightier assignments that require more of us.

Friend, I don’t know what transition you might be stepping into. You may feel like you are going at it alone, or maybe you have kiddos and are walking into a new season with big decisions ahead. Perhaps as you read this, you are literally packing boxes of a life you no longer have, or just pulling into a new town to begin with a clean slate. Maybe your transition is a little more simple; maybe you are feeling the nudge to apply for a new position at your current job. You may even be at the very beginning stages of feeling a transition approaching- it’s ok. Whatever the case, you get to choose obedience.

Our generous and loving God offers us this beautiful reminder:


Walking is something we either do or we don’t. We can choose to walk in obedience, or we can choose to be paralyzed by fear and freeze under the weight of the great unknown.

Here’s a glimpse of how we shared this moment with our kiddos: “We get this opportunity to say “yes” to God as a family and “yes” to what He is asking of us in this moment…we can choose to go begrudgingly or with resistance or, we can choose to go obediently – full of gratitude that He would choose us to be a part of His plan.”

And so, our 3 kiddos chose to walk with us:).

I wanted to send a reminder to you friend, that all the unknown details of your life do not have to be figured out before you choose to walk in obedience. Walking through times of transition comes with both moments of clarity and moments with just enough light for the next right step. Friend, when you know that you have heard Him calling you to a time of transition, go- and do not delay. Trust in God and in His timing. Remember, you are not alone. Others prepared the ground you are now walking through, and others still, will follow in your footsteps of obedience. Let’s hold tight to God’s promises and lift each other up in prayer as we continue to walk through transitions together.

Let’s Pray: Father God, our words today are simple- we pray that our hearts’ first response to Your call would always be obedience. We want to follow You and we choose today to trust in Your ways and in Your timing, no matter the transition at hand. Help us Lord as we lead by example, to remember that others are searching for answers and observing our faith. God, we pray that our faith in You would go beyond belief and move into action. Lord, we desire to serve You and follow You through every season of our lives- even in transition. In Your Name, Amen.


*Side note: We are still walking through parenting in the midst transition:) We are by no means perfect. We are just a little under 8 months into our new location. Still a lot of news stuff to learn and enjoy, still many new adventures to have and memories to make. And still plenty of new rhythms of life to discover:). We are NEWBIES…straight newbies:).

Go The Extra Mile:

Check out this song by Hillsong. I hope it lifts you up today and reminds you of the hope we have in the midst of our changing seasons:)

6 thoughts on “O is for Obedience

  1. ashley says:

    Fabulous. I love this Liz. Thank you, so thankful you all chose to walk in obedience, we are so blessed to have you all here. 💗


  2. Mary says:

    How blessed are we as a church that your family choose to walk in obeidence! 💖 And selfishly speaking…..how blessed am I! I am so so blessed by you my friend!!


    • Mary, thank you so much for walking with us (and me specifically) through this transition as we speak🙏🏻💕! What a blessing it is to be apart of what God is doing at our church and what a blessing to literally be so close in distance to share life together🙌🏻💕. Your support means so much to me💕


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