Wednesday Recap 2


How awesome was it to have Melissa on the blog this past Friday?! It was COMPLETELY AWESOME! If you didn’t know this, Melissa has been a dear friend of mine for almost 19 years (#MCforlife), and she is definitely one of the women in my life that I can depend on to give me solid perspective and truth-filled insight, and a really good laugh. She can also be a great source for adventurous stories. For instance, we were once on a road trip and narrowly escaped a purple and green circular cloud filled with lightening and rain while driving through Nebraska. True story-for another time of course:).

Melissa was able to put into words how many of us feel while walking through transition: excited, scared, adventurous…and all the emotions in between. She shared seamlessly about how transitions can come with a bundle of circumstances and emotions at the same time. We can all relate to that fact for sure. This message stood out to me: everyone’s transition will look different and though circumstances may be difficult, our transitions do not have feel perfect. Such a beautiful reminder that God does things in His own way, in His own time, for our own good and our growth. What a relieving truth to know deep down that our transitions will not all look the same, and we don’t have to try and measure ourselves up against anyone else’s season.

Why? Because there is a season for everything.

“There is a time for everything,
    and a season for every activity under the heavens:” (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

Can you imagine if every crop in the world looked the same, grew the same, ripened at the same time, was harvested at the same time, or tasted the same? It wouldn’t give much room for variety, or for uniqueness. We’d be stuck with a whole lot of the same stuff everywhere. Thankfully, we don’t live with identical crops…or identical transitions.

This process of walking through transition comes with many opportunities to grow and see things differently. For real; a huge chunk of walking through transition is leaning into Jesus and praying through tears of both joy and heartache, but growth happens when lean into Jesus in prayer and put one foot in front of the other, living out our faith in Him day by day. We’ve got to walk it out, no matter the season.

Friend, your transition may feel exciting, or scary, or somewhere in between, but let’s remember Melissa’s reminder to us:


It may not feel perfect or look perfect in the process, but do not lose hope friend- this adventure that you are walking though has beautiful lessons and blessings in store for you and for those journeying with you. Keep getting up, and keep moving forward friend!

As we close out our second recap in this series, let’s be challenged and encouraged by this verse in Proverbs:


Let’s commit to trusting in Our Almighty God, and keep trusting in His perfect plans for our lives. He is beyond faithful and is working things out even when we can’t feel it or see it.

Again, a huge thank you to Melissa Colmenero for sharing her thoughtful words with us on the blog!!! I can’t wait to have her back! I can’t wait to have fro-yo with her again! It was kind of our thing:)


P.S.- Melissa and her hubby are now in their new home! Congrats to the Colmeneros and may God continue to bless them as they continue their transition!

Here’s a song for ya: This particular message from Melissa has me in the mood for a little U2, so be encouraged by this favorite of mine. Walk On!

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