Transitions: Wednesday Recap

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Friends, Nina Aguirre absolutely brought a real glimpse of life in transition on Monday! What a brilliant reminder to us, that Jesus Himself lived in the midst of transition. Our Savior, left all that was perfect to spend His earthly life in the in-between of humanity; growing, maturing, learning, teaching, living, breathing, dying, and resurrecting because He committed to that which He had willingly chose to do- to provide eternal life for all who believed in Him (John 3:16). He didn’t give up or call angels to come and whisk Him away even when He was overwhelmed to the point of death.

Transitions have a way of making us experience the weight of decisions and change. Circumstances can arise and can make us want to throw in the towel and throw our arms up in surrender…

But, we have a choice.

We can choose to grow or give up.

We can choose to have hope or operate in hopelessness.

We can choose between placing our trust in God’s plan or withhold our trust from Him during the process.

God, help us choose wisely. Help our hearts to want to choose Your very best.

As we continue to dig through this subject of transitions, let’s remember we have a choice. I know the situations we are discussing might be hitting the nail on the head for some of us, while others might be at the beginning of some major life changes. Others still, might just be searching for some wisdom or advice. Whatever the case, know that I see you…we see you. It’s been a huge joy for me to share my thoughts on the subject, but also to introduce you to people in my tribe of writers- people I share life with whether near or far. People who have lived it, or are currently living through it. Friends and colleagues I would trust to tell me the truth about what they’ve experienced. Our hope through this series is that you would know you are not alone, and that you would feel encouraged by what we’ve experienced and know that you too, can experience beautiful growth in and through Christ during times of transition.

Wednesday Recap:

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A huge Mahalo to Nina Aguirre for such an awesome contribution to this series! And thank you to every single reader who is walking with us on this journey through Transitions! Be encouraged friends, our God is faithful and will walk with us through every bit of our transitions in this life. As we close out this recap tonight, let’s be hopeful for what is ahead in our journey:

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Here’s a song for ya: Check out this awesome song from Brooke Ligertwood of Hillsong. May it become the meditation of our hearts during Transitions!

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