Transformed by Transition

It is an honor to introduce you to a new friend of mine all the way from Hawaii! Nina Aguirre is a Wife, Mom, Pastor, Health Coach and Writer who can be found at and trust me, you’ll want to read every post. Nina’s is one of those writers that is just completely honest and relatable, as well as encouraging. I hope you are as encouraged and challenged as I have been reading this post today! peace-liz


Our lives are full of transition. We transition as infants from milk to baby food, then as toddlers to use the toilet (I mention this as I just watched my two year old pee in the yard). We go to school so that we can transition into the workforce, we get engaged as a transition period for marriage, the 9 months of being pregnant before becoming parents, so on and so forth. Its funny when I look at my life for periods of transitions, there are way too many to count. Some overlapping and intersecting. Some are filled with joy and anticipation and some with sorrow and hardship.


This past season of transition has proven to be all of these feelings and more. My family and I recently moved to Hawaii for ministry. We left beautiful Colorado, the place I vowed to never leave, for the bug-ridden paradise that has me stuck in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. You can tell by my tone and word choice that this is a tumultuous relationship, yes?

When we first moved here we lived with our friends for two months. We have four kids, they have two, there was ONE bathroom. That’s a 10:1 ratio if you needed the math help. Ten people, one bathroom. While I won’t elaborate on the bathroom sitch, I will say we experienced God’s grace all over us and that entire living situation. But it wasn’t easy.

In those two months, I doubted every reason why I agreed to move. Our family unit was seemingly no longer intact as we spread our total of ten bodies around a table for dinner each night. We were a weird blended four parent home for sixty days. I remember as we looked for a home feeling like nothing was ever going to work out. When the home I thought was “it” fell through I snot cried to my husband. You know the kind that you have to blow every second just in order to breath?!  I remember telling him I was going to look for flights back to Denver and that I was not okay. Although I think my swollen pink eyes, moco faucet, and desperate whimpers would have relayed that same information without me saying it. The season was filled with so many difficult and trying days.

Jesus’ whole life was a transition. He came to be a man (John 6:38), for only a season knowing He would return to His Father. Even as Jesus knew the bigger picture of His purpose on earth, it was still not easy. This transition period was so full of purpose and life for His people. Yet, even as Christ knew laying down His life would mean eternal life for all who believed, He was reluctant and afraid. He prayed to God before his crucifixion. “Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me. Yet I want your will to be done, not mine” Like 22:42. Even the Savior of the world Who knew the glorious things that would happen after His death begged God to take away this mission of His.

I begged God to take that transition period from me. Here I am “on the other side” of my transition, seeing the fruit from that season now grow. See my four daughters learn and grow in our little busy island. I am personally a much different person. The person I was then looks nothing like the person I am now. I was transformed physically —I’ve lost 70 pounds and let go of unhealthy emotional eating. Additionally, transformed spiritually—I trust God like never before. My relationship with Him is so much more intimate and real. I was also transformed emotionally as I am able to handle life’s disappointments and downturns in a whole new way.

If you are about to embark on a season of transition or smack dab in the middle, I encourage you to hold on tightly to the One Who will get you through the tough times. I am so excited because God will use the time to not only teach you about His heart and character but to transform your life! ~NinaNina_ May2018-43

Go the Extra Mile: Check out this amazing song choice by Nina- it has been an anthem of courage and strength for her and I’m not gonna too. Enjoy and be encouraged today!

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