Congratulations to all who have graduated this year! I wanted to make sure you all knew that you are loved and celebrated for your achievements! Whether you graduated from high school or college, it is a HUGE deal and you should be EXTREMELY proud of all that you’ve accomplished:). 

All of the long nights of study, the endless projects and tests, the classes that seemed to never end…all of it was worth it. To those who had to complete the task while holding down jobs and caring for families- I salute you! To those who now embark on a new adventure- know that your journey matters and I pray that you would experience life changing adventures full of life-giving moments!

Every single one of you graduates are worth so much and your life has become more enriched by all you have learned.

Keep learning, keep working hard, keep pushing yourself towards great things(even if they scare you!). And as you continue on life’s journey, know that you have people (including me) cheering you on from the sidelines! 

Congrats graduating class of 2017!


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