Moving Requires Work

Sometimes life feels completely settled and organized. Other times, our lives can feel like utter chaos:). This photo was take early this morning as I stood (with strong coffee in hand) surrounded by a sea of brown boxes of belongings and packaging tape…chaos. I’m so over packing.

We are in the process of moving this week and I have been blown away by how much stuff we have accumulated over the last several years. Even after cleaning and purging and donating, we still have so many things. 

What struck me most wasn’t just the volume of belongings, but the fact that when every article was in its place, we had room to walk, room to run and move around. But when boxes from each room made its way to our front room, it all looked overwhelming and so out of  place. Ahhh…just like life.

Here’s the lesson I think I am learning today: 

When we allow God to dig into the tough corners of our life, and sort and get rid of things and attitudes and habits that are not of any value to us, we may really feel overwhelmed by all that is unearthed. We may see a mess in the middle and wonder why we hung onto all that weighed us down. We may also wonder “how on earth are all the real things of worth going to get back into a secure place?” and “will we ever have room to breathe and move and grow?”

Moving isn’t an easy process. Neither is the work of The Father. It isn’t easy but, it is so necessary for our life.

Friend, I’m pretty sure your living room does not look like mine today, all filled with clutter and boxes. But if you find yourself reading this, I bet you can understand the work that God does within or hearts.The deep, deep, work. Sometimes it feels relatively easy, other times it can feel like major surgery.

Whether you feel like life is swell and full of wide open spaces for growth and movement, or whether you feel like you are surrounded by mountains of stuff that need to be removed  or relocated from your life…you are not alone.

We can experience so much freedom when we allow Our loving Heavenly Father to just do what He  needs to do in and around us. Removing what is not hurting us and holding us back and replacing it with love, hope, peace, patience, kindness,gentleness, and self control. Placing right attitudes and habits within us,and healthy relationships that we can nurture around us. 

Lots of love to you this morning and as always, peace -liz

2 thoughts on “Moving Requires Work

  1. Nina Maes says:

    Great word this morning Sister.
    I know that moving is overwhelming but I also know that refresh sigh of relief that comes after the move. Hang in there and you will look back and say “It was all worth it”. Love ya:)


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