Coming Soon

Good Morning friends!
Just a quick update to let you know that in honor of Valentine’s Day, we will have a guest blogger next week and you do not want to miss the nuggets of wisdom that he will bring! He’s one of the most wise men I know and it is my honor to call him my best friend and  my hubs Josh Trujillo:). For real friends, Josh is not just book smart- he is extremely life-smart.  Add to that:patient, kind, hilarious, generous, handsome, witty, honest, and creative. Seriously guys, he is all that:). I mean, look at his pic! So make sure you check back into the site in the next few days to read his post. I heard a snippet of his message for us and I am excited about reading the rest!

Also, you may have noticed the updated profile pic (yes, my photographer let me drink coffee for the shoot), as well as the super dreamy headshot of Josh, courtesy of Libby Neder Photography (right here in Denver yo!). Libby is an extremely gifted photographer who we met this past Summer and my family and I were so pleased to be able to work with her for our own photo session. So if you’re looking for someone to document your life events really well, check her out!

Talk to ya’ll later friends!

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