Parking Lot People


The Lot

In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s (yep,I’m getting old), I was apart of a ministry-training team called Masters Commission. Feels like it was just yesterday, but the hair color I repeatedly have to use to cover gray strands tells me otherwise;).

We lived each day together learning how to love God, love others, serve others through ministry, and be of some service no matter where we found ourselves in life.

Be it on a church stage, or in a school auditorium,

In an office cubicle, or on a continent far from where we called home.

Even on the street or in parking lots,

We learned how to take notice of needs and become dispensers of hope and love.

I knew that was the mission then, and I am reminded of that time of training again today…in, of all places, a parking lot. But today I received the blessing of someone seeking me out because I was the one in need. A dear friend from that  MC team saw the hurt and pain and uncertainty on my face while I walked past her car.

You see, once you spend a few years with friends who become you’re family, they can tell when you’re not ok; you cannot fool them. They can call your bluff, and they can point out in love that something is not ok, and gently remind you that it is ok not to have it all together.

Not in a, “Ha! I knew you were a mess under all that make-up!” Kind of way, but more like,”Hey! You’re not alone! You are loved! It’s ok to fall apart! I won’t run away from you! I’m here for you!!!”

Do you know what I mean?

Friend, I hope you have at least ONE friend like that. And if not, that’s my prayer for you today- that God would show you the people who already surround you, and that can be His arms of love when you so desperately need the reminder.

So back to parking lots…We are a lot like the vehicles in those lots.

There are cars are all around; all of them look shiny and perfectly parked but maybe the interior is a mess; maybe there are a few dings and scratches, maybe there are sparkly paint jobs but underneath the entire system is about to fall apart.

Dear one, can I remind you of a previous post I wrote awhile back?

I’m not good at being broken.

It’s not my favorite thing.

To be honest, I’d rather clean toilets with a tiny toothbrush than fall apart in front of people.


Because I’d rather be the one encouraging others; because I’d rather give the impression that I’m strong and I can handle just about anything. But, there are days when

I. just. can’t. even.

But I know this: I am in desperate need of Our Savior.

When circumstances beyond my control make me feel out of control…

I need Him.

When I’m not sure how else to help or pray for my own children…

I need Him.

When relationships feel awkward or strained…

I need Him.

When numbers and needs don’t add up on paper…

I need Him.

When I want to run and hide and isolate myself…

I need Him.

When I wish things would magically get better already…

I need Him.

I’m guessing that maybe you’ve felt that way too. Maybe even today.

I’ve been reminded of this today and wanted to give the reminder to you that, God is The Master when it comes to rebuilding broken things.

He is far more capable of rebuilding the brokenness inside of us and around us than we ever could be with our frail human hands.

Let’s lift up our hands together in surrender today as we say:

Lord, I’m tired of pretending I’m ok…I surrender. You know the brokenness that I’m experiencing right now and only You can see ahead to the healing and restoration that I cannot. I’m giving you all of these broken pieces and humbly ask You Lord, to have your way. Take all my fears and doubts Lord, and strengthen me as I trust You- my Savior and Shepherd of my life. I will not forget Your faithfulness and Your unconditional love in the midst of what I’m facing now. I will cling to the promises of your Word and fix my eyes on You alone. Thank you for mending the broken pieces in me Lord. Thank You for chasing me with Your fierce love and even for when You send true friends to chase me down so they can lift me up to You-even in parking lots. Thank You for not running away from my brokenness, but seeing beauty in it Lord of Life. Amen.

Friend, be it in a parking lot, or at the grocery store…we can remember these truths. We can be mended and made whole. And in turn, we can be dispensers of love and hope to someone in need today. Hug and friend, call your family and love them today; you may be the very person that can bring hope to them. I’m praying for you friend, and I’m praying for God to show you the people in your life that can be your parking lot people:).


Go the extra mile: You’ve come this far, take one more step with me! Check out the brilliant work of Switchfoot in their song, “I Won’t Let You Go”.



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