A Shepherd On The Scene


Lambs in Pasture courtesy of Sphepherdsongfarm.com and Beingwoven.org .

Psalm 23 says that The Lord is Our Shepherd, and that He leads us .

We aren’t completely on our own, but rather we are guided through every step of the way By Our Shepherd.

In the peaceful times,

In the still and calm waters of life,

In the nourishing times of refreshment,

As well as when we are literally walking through

the valleys that seem utterly hopeless and dark;

He is there.

In the times of sheer terror and wide-spread uncertainty…

He is there.

Even when we are faced with strikes and attacks from the enemy, The Psalmist declares that Our Shepherd prepares a place for us. Why would He prepare a table in the middle of our struggle and strife?

Because He knows our needs go far beyond just needing relief from our darkest hours.

He is a Good Shepherd who knows His flock extremely well.

He prepares a table for us friends;

a place of

nourishment and

provisions and

strength and

healing and

community and communion.

All for us.

He is Our Shepherd and we shall not want.

Everything we desperately need at any given time can only be found in Him. Not in Him plus something else.

Only in Our Shepherd.

We lack for nothing friend. And while I may not know which season of Psalm 23 you find yourself in today, or what rhythms you are trying to get back to in Him, I do know that our Good Shepherd, is taking care of us, leading and guiding, caring for us and redirecting us when we get off the path or need help along the way.

Even when we are broken by this life and all of its worries or even by our choices, He carries our weight upon His shoulders. He didn’t just carry us when He was on the cross, but He is still able to carry us today in His embrace.

And when we allow The Good Shepherd to lead us, we never know who we’ll bump into on our journey. Chances are, they are looking for the same reassurance that we once were; the reassurance that He in fact is The Good Shepherd. All the battles and times of despair you may have experienced and overcome with God’s guidance may just be the encouraging message they need to hear to keep moving forward. You can remind them (and the rest of us in the flock) that Our Good Shepherd is good at taking care of those who belong to Him.

Friend, Our shepherd knows how to lead.

Where He leads, He has already been and He knows the way very well. He sees what’s behind us and what’s up ahead and will be with us every step of the way.

Rest in the fact that Our God, Our loving Heavenly Father, has us all in good care.


*Go the extra mile with me:

Check out the song by Audrey Assad entitled, “Good To Me”. You will not be disappointed:)

2 thoughts on “A Shepherd On The Scene

  1. Vanessa valdez says:

    I have always wondered what the verse “I shall not want” meant. After 32 years of going to church, you have finally clarified this for me. Thanks friend! 💜


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