In Plenty And In Want

Friend, it has been way too long since you’ve seen a post from me:). After finals, and classroom Christmas parties, recitals, services, wrapping gifts, signing cards (whew, I need to take a breath!), I am finally able to share a little about reflecting on 2014.

Maybe your holiday season was similar to mine – jam-packed with activity. Maybe yours was very calm and you even were blessed to experience a silent night or two. Maybe you feel like you are still in all the hustle and bustle of the end-of-year festivities. Wherever you find yourself today, know that you matter.

Sometimes we find ourselves so drained from the schedules we planned for ourselves, that we feel empty once we come to the table where our company awaits. More often than not, we say things and react out of habit around the holidays. Which in some instances is not all bad. I personally love to burst into song when I am watching the movie,”Elf”. Or, when one of my children begins a Christmas carol and the rest of the family joins in. Those times are good habits and traditions to keep. But when we are sitting with others to share time, we want to bring plenty to offer through our attention, and plenty to offer in smiles and affection. I can honestly say that I’ve given off the “plenty-version” of myself, as well as the version that leaves those around me coming up wanting. I much rather prefer the plenty in me to the woman who lacks.

Have you ever felt that way? It’s not fun giving and conversing out of lack. Great news, we don’t have to stay in the wanting part of our story! We can move towards being full in spirit:).

We might not be able to say every perfect phrase to fill emptiness, or fix every hurt that may come and present itself at our tables, but we can be present for those who sit around our tables.

We may not always have the most to offer to fill their bellies, but we can always pour into the lives of others through the overflow of our own hearts and minds. Every guest in our life deserves to walk away feeling seen, heard, and understood. But more than that, every guest in our life deserves to feel full after being in our presence, not depleted or depreciated. Not because we alone can fill them, but because we are connected to the One who is more than enough.

The phrase,”In Plenty and In Want” always makes me think about weddings. Specifically mine:). I love thinking back to the vows I made to my husband 14 years ago. We said the very traditional vows,” …in sickness and in health, in plenty and in want…,”. Sometimes we have been blessed to have plenty to go around in all areas of our life together. Other times, we felt like we were living on love alone because of the lack of everything else. Looking back, it was in those times of want were we grew closer and stronger. And in the times of plenty, it was only easier to smile because we had known true want.

What if we went into every coffee-time with friends wanting to give our plenty? What if we sat at our family tables wanting to share out of our joyful abundance in heart? What if we went into every business meeting ready to fill the hearts and minds of others with the plenty of creativity we’ve been entrusted with?

What if…

As our year comes to a close, let us reflect on who we most want to be in the new year: Someone who lives in the plenty of this life, and who loves and serves out of the fullness that comes from God alone. We are blessed to have another chance to begin again. Not because the calendar says so, but because God says so.

May you look back on all the lessons learned in 2014 as you prepare to embrace a new year.

May you know the fullness that comes from God alone and from His abundance of mercy and grace.

May your 2015 be the beginning of something truly plenty for you and for all those who sit around your table. And may your cup of coffee always overflow:). This is my New Years’ wish for you and me both:)

Happy New Year Friend! See you in 2015!


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