Gather ’round

Dear friends I have missed you! Our lives get so busied and full of prepping for the holidays that we are almost exhausted when we sit down to eat our own meal!

Have you felt hurried by the holidays? Have you felt overwhelmed by the prepping of the meal and by the prepping of your mind to receive guests?

You are not alone.

As much as I want my turkey to look insta-worthy and my pie to look like the one in the Betty Crocker cookbook, I know it doesn’t matter as much as the condition of my heart. And though my heart will not be served up on a silver platter(because, eww, that’s just gross!), my heart will be on display when I fling open the doors to my house and invite my family and friends to sit with me at the table. Our emotions and expressions are an outflow of whatever is going on deep down inside.

This holiday season, let’s think about that together as we prepare. Even if it’s just for a moment each day, let’s take a time to pause and meditate on the condition of our heart.

As you sip you coffee or tea, as you put on make up or drive to the store, I will be thinking these thoughts with you.

“People are about to gather ’round our tables…how am I feeling today?”
“Who can I ask to help out to alleviate some stress?”
“What experiences are preventing me from displaying my best version of myself today?”
“What can I exhale and let go of as I inhale community and connection during the meal?”

We can make this holiday so different for ourselves and for those gathered ’round our table. Not just with a change up in the menu (although that’s always a welcomed treat in my house), but in changing the only thing we truly can…ourselves.

Friend, my family and I wish you the best Thanksgiving this year. ..

May your table be full of wonderful food and conversation.
May your heart soak in the deep connections and be lifted with encouragement.
May you know that you matter, and that so many are thankful for you.
And may you be delighted with the beauty and joy in the smiles you see across from you when you gather ’round your table.

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