Necessary Seasons: Fall

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Fall is my absolute favorite:). Crisp Autumn air, crunchy colorful leaves…all of Fall is my favorite. While some lament the end of Summer fun, I embrace Fall with all of its bright colors and bountiful harvest. Insert virtual cornucopia here! Horns of plenty, tables filled with place settings and pumpkins, and spices filling the air with intoxicating nostalgic aromas.  For instance, when I smell cinnamon, I instantly think of my mom’s pumpkin pie. If you have ever met my mom, you know she is famous for her pies and a bunch of other yummy treats too:). The tiniest waft of cinnamon in the air takes me back to a small apartment in my hometown where my mom would make pies for Thanksgiving. I remember waking up early on Thanksgiving Day to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and my mom would let me have a slice to eat for breakfast- completely covered in whipped cream. Because that my friends, is how you properly enjoy a slice of pumpkin pie:).

Fall comes with an almost immediate gravitation to change. Warm days turn into cold days. Green leaves change into shades of gold and red. Wardrobes switch out from tank tops and flip-flops to sweaters and boots. Change that happens in stages throughout the inside of our homes as well as the outside environment and we are reminded, that change is taking place and Fall is taking over.

design (7) Maybe your current season feels a lot like Fall: Ever-changing with the anticipation that something more is up ahead. I think of Fall as Earth’s holding pattern; a time when the world around us quiets and makes way for stillness.

Now, I am not one who is good at being still. But with a personal season like Fall, I think we can take note of creation’s response to change and take time to be still, and wait for guidance from Our God. During Fall, things around us are slowing down; trees embrace frost and release their colorful leaves, and the grass withers and flower petals fade. Because that is what they do. They give way to change, which eventually gives way to life again.

We can be still before Our God in the midst of an ever changing season. It will take much effort on our part, especially when we live in a world that is marketing faster, immediate, and in-a-hurry. Could this season in our lives be a time when God is asking us to draw near to Him? The changing season might be a reminder that Our God remains the same and continues to be faithful, even when everything else around us is falling and changing or maybe even fading away. We can find Him the the quiet places of our lives when we slow down and pause. We can navigate changes when we seek Him first and allow Him to guide us with His Holy Spirit. We can remain at peace when have to release dreams and deadlines to His trustworthy hands and timing. And we can praise Him in the midst of it all. We can friend.

img_3643You know, Thanksgiving comes at a beautiful time in our calendar year. Smack -dab in the Fall:). While we are preparing to gather around tables with friends and family, I challenge you to look around and notice the people in your gathering. Each one is experiencing a season all their own, or maybe even experiencing a season that you have walked through. Each member you gather with is a part of your story, and you are a part of theirs. As you notice them give thanks, I encourage you to link arms or hold hands, or even embrace them to remind them that you are near in friendship and solidarity- we do not have to walk through these seasons alone. Together, lifting up each other in prayer, encouraging each other with the truth of God’s Word, and at times shedding blood, sweat, and tears…let’s walk through these seasons to grow and mature together.

img_3639Let’s Pray:

Dear Heavenly Father, we choose to remember today that although our seasons may include lots of change, we can hold onto You because You are unchanging. You are faithful and merciful and promise to walk with us through it all. Thank You God, for holding us perfectly in Your hands. Thank You for offering us a place to come and be still in Your presence-no matter what our life looks like or what we’ve been through. No matter how fast-paced this world may be, help us to recognize when You are calling us to slow down and listen for You. You provide us the strength we need to release all that we are holding onto so that we can make room for all that You have for us up ahead. God, you desire to see us grow and develop and make way for new life. Lord, help us to choose to learn and grow through these seasons. Thank You Lord for remaining faithful in every one of our seasons. Amen.

Go The Extra Mile: Listen to the song “Times” below. This song has become a main staple in my playlist. So much so, that I even made my doctors play it while in surgery with my son:). Tenth Avenue North is one of my favorites!

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