Celebrate Well



We keep traditions in our house:).

After the first day of school, the last day of school, or after good conferences with teachers, we go out for ice cream. Yesterday was no exception- just a little bit more of a celebration:)

Let me say this: We understand what it’s like to have difficult conferences with teachers and administrators as we try to figure out how to best help our children from home. We get it.

Have you been so anxious before a conference that you felt sick? Yup, been there.

Have you ever cried during a conference? Me too.

Have you ever cried in the parking lot AFTER a conference? Again, me too.

But this wasn’t the same type of conference night for my husband and I.

We finished up conferences, then drove to Graff Dairy (an awesome local ice cream spot), and my heart began to swell. Not from worry or defeat, but it swelled with relief and gratitude.

You see, almost 5 months ago, our family relocated to Grand Junction, CO:). #westslopebestslope

New city. New places. New faces. New schools… 3 new schools.

My husband and I knew that adjusting would take time as we figure out our new normal and find our new rhythms of life here. But school was the only place where I couldn’t go to help my children adjust and settle in. All I could do was watch from the car as they walked into new buildings and pray that God would send friends their way. Heck, even one friend, that might help them feel as if they belonged to that new community. All we could do was pray for smooth transitions, all the while knowing that bumps would come along the road, and some days would include tears and longing for familiar faces & places.

Then last night, we heard over and over again from teachers that our kids are transitioning well in school:). All things considered again: New city. New places. New faces. New schools. New everything…

Our kids are transitioning well.

Not because we are perfect, because we know that we are far from perfection on the regular.  No, we fully understand that this blessing of good news in the midst of transition is just God’s goodness. He is good, He is perfect, He is merciful and kind and He provides for our every need (yours & mine friend)-even the needs we didn’t know we needed in transition.

Last month on the blog, we were talking about developing community through our brokenness. We are still talking about community today friends: building community by celebrating our victories. Even the little ones:).

Friends, last week we celebrated my kiddos within their first community- family- because they are transitioning well. We couldn’t let the night go without celebrating a continued job well done. You see, it can be so easy for us to be there for people in the hard times; to pray for them through the difficulties. But sometimes, it can feel more difficult for us to celebrate and rejoice with others. Too often, selfishness and envy get in the way, and we don’t celebrate the victories of others well. Lord help us, help me, swallow my pride and find ways to celebrate others!

Here is the challenge for us today friends: Who am I celebrating today? Who can I come alongside and cheer on as they are accomplishing great things? I want to hear how you are celebrating those around you (family, friend, or stranger), so share your comments below!

Friend, as we continue in this series of Creating Community, let’s find ways to celebrate the victories and successes of those around us. Let’s demonstrate what it looks like to be joyful on the sidelines as we cheer others on in this life.


Let’s Pray: Dear Heavenly Father, we want to live lives that celebrate others well! Help us to live rejoicing over the fact that You are good, and that You are kind, and that You bring opportunities our way that call for celebration. Today, we recognize that we have beautiful moments to celebrate with the people you’ve placed around us. Lord, when selfishness would like to take root, help us to remove it by turning our eyes to You and Your goodness all around us. When envy would like to blind us, help our focus to be on the promises of Your Word and help our thoughts to be on things above as we lift our hands in surrender. Lord, we see Your goodness all around us, and it gives us hope for tomorrow and a reason to celebrate today! We choose today to remember that every good and perfect gift comes from You (James 1:17). May we find our joy in Your presence and may we honor You as we choose to celebrate Your goodness and as we celebrate the victories of others. Amen.

Now be traditionalists like us an add some Ice Cream to the party:)!

Go the extra mile: Check out this song to spur on some celebratory vibes! May we be this HAPPY as we celebrate with others! LET’S RADIATE HAPPINESS TODAY!

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