Community: Follow-up

It’s Follow-Up Friday Everyone! We began our week talking about the topic of community and moving from longing for it, to putting some action into creating it.

Here is the challenge for us today:

Q: What is one way that you are going to connect with others and develop community this weekend?

Not in a week.

Not next month.

THIS weekend friend:).

I invite you to share with the rest of us one way that you are going to invite others in. The more ideas we share and do = the more we are inching towards a beautiful life shared with others.

Will it be an impromptu dance party like the one above? Or a meal with neighbors you just met? Anyone asking a new friend to lunch…or better yet, coffee? We want to know what your next move is towards community!

So do it! Comment below with your plan of action for reaching out in friendship!


2 thoughts on “Community: Follow-up

  1. Kimberly Lindsey says:

    I am implementing Fire Pit Fridays at my house. God so generously supplied the items needed to build a fire pit, benches, chairs all the ‘things’ to make a comfy outdoor space. So, I have decided to start reaching out to my friends, and in the coming weeks my neighbors, most of which I do not know. This idea of community and reaching out to those that are not necessarily followers of Christ or my close community keeps jumping in my face….whether I am at a Bible study, in the car listening to the radio or reading…the path is clear for this ex-prodigal daughter, love those around you, open your heart and your arms….breath deeply of life. Fire Pit Friday…7:00pm….come on over!


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