Chilé Party

I’m convinced…chilé brings people together. The age-old tradition of roasting, peeling, and prepping chilé is a sacred tradition in our family. It’s not the actual food itself that makes the process sacred- it’s the people and the time we share that is so special. 

Every age, every kind of background, every type of creed, every kind of life experience and we can all gather to enjoy time together and share life together. Complete strangers can leave as friends and neighbors can walk right into aromas and conversations that are welcoming and inviting.

There’s just something powerful to me about this experience. I’m so thankful for the chilé that we get to cook and consume at future meals with loved ones, but even more so, I’m thankful for the life that was shared by those who went through the process with us.

Do yourself a favor this weekend, make time to surround yourself with people to truly share life with. Whether you are peeling chilé, playing some music, taking a walk, or whatever you wish- do it. You’ll seriously be glad you did:).


P.S.- Huge shout-out to our family at Casa Montoya for hosting today! It’s always a blast to hang it with y’all! Much love family!

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