And so it begins…

2015/01/img_7293-1.jpgThis is my view today and for the next few months as I finish my AA online. In the summertime, I get to walk across a stage (for the first time) and give a firm handshake to all of the faculty of my college. I’ll get to take my degree in one hand(more like the fake one they pass out until the authentic one is mailed to you….but either way), I’ll get to pause for a picture or two, or three hundred. I’ll get to celebrate and congratulate my fellow classmates and scream for joy. Not just because we finished, but because we didn’t quit when it was tough. Friends, if any of you find yourself wondering if you can get through this next semester, or this next difficulty, or challenge- know that you are not alone. You can do it. You can make it and it will be very worth it. Your view may not be the most ideal right now, but things can change and the long nights of hard work will bring you to a point of internal joy that you will truly appreciate.

My dental hygienist told me yesterday, “If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.” That phrase has been spoken to me many times, but yesterday it clicked. It’s not easy. It’s hard. But you and I have been fearfully and wonderfully made and we can do hard things with God’s help. Finishing difficult things requires a lot mentally and emotionally and physically. But it can be done. So whether you are finishing your degree like I am or finishing time in rehab, or even finishing the never- ending list of things to do at home- it can be done.
It will be hard.
Don’t quit.
Don’t give up.
You an do it.
We can do it together.
Love you friends,

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