You, Me & Coffee


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I’m a firm believer that some of the best ideas and connections can be made while sharing a cup of coffee with friends.

This isn’t a shameless plug for me to endorse my favorite spots to meet up, or a commercial for an endorsement (but if a coffee company ever DID want to endorse me, and offered me free coffee for life, I’d be willing to consider). This is my first-hand account of sharing life and precious time with those I genuinely admire, and glean wisdom from.

Whether it is time spent with friends and fellow community members at a well-known coffee hotspot, or even time enjoying a fresh pot with friends and family at our house, it is always time well spent. Ideas are shared, dreams are conceptualized, encouragement can be given, correction can be spoken in love and laughter, prayers can be offered, and progress can be made… together.







A meeting can quickly turn into a divine appointment if we allow ourselves to be fully present with those at our table. We may find our biggest cheerleaders and mentors are sitting right across from us, spurring us on to do all that we were created to do.

Who is your favorite coffee-time friend?

Who could benefit today from you sharing some time with them while sipping the day away?

Friends, lets be intentional about making time to pause and reflect with others. Let’s make it a point to put down our devices and stare each other in the eyes while we discover what is brewing in the brains of those we love and care about. I don’t know what you might have planned for today, but my challenge to you is this: Invite, include and incorporate someone into your something.

When we invite others to partner with us, even for a cup of coffee, we include them in the rhythm of our day and incorporate all that they have to share with us. We can learn so much from each other if we simply make time to slow down, sit down, and enjoy ourselves- and our people:).


5 thoughts on “You, Me & Coffee

  1. Mary Espinoza says:

    Ahhhhhh! I couldn’t agree with you more! Love our coffee and convo times friend! Always walk away refreshed and inspired 🙂


  2. Gabriela says:

    Aww it’s always a pleasure to hear somebody’s heart in written. Definitely need to make time for friends and family at the table. You’ll never know what a half or an hour can do for each of us. Thank you for sharing this Liz, I love it!


    • Thank you Gabriela for checking out the blog today! Time with friends and family does our hearts good and I’m so blessed to have shared some of these special times with you! Gotta plan another time soon!


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