Let’s do this

Trips are better when someone else is right by your side. Yes, we’ve all gotten pretty good at taking “selfies” by ourselves, and “lol-ing” by ourselves, but that isn’t always fun or inviting. Especially when those “selfies” are taken in a gross bathroom with towels and hair-product everywhere. Eeew. Sure, those are moments where you don’t necessarily need someone with you, but I’m talking about the life experiences when you want someone along the journey- your journey. So let’s go, let’s do life together. Disclaimer: this will be a journey- not a prance through a park, not a sprint through a meadow. A journey is full of unknown turns and messy roads; uphill, victorious climbs and downhill slides, just like our lives. Life for everyone is messy and brilliant, simple and at times really difficult (no matter where you’re from or who you do life with). Let’s do this together, and let’s be real. Let’s be Tru* together:).